Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pretty Peru

by Lori Nelson

Most notable about Peruvian people is the perpetual smile adorning their faces. Perhaps due to a typically small stature, Peruvians have large personalities, eagerly welcoming visitors and each other wherever they go.

Spanish is the official language in this heart of the Incan empire, and the music, food, and culture are heavily influenced by those Spanish roots.

Peru is the fifth largest country in Latin America. Football is the most popular sport (Americans call it “soccer”), and Peruvian people are passionate about it. Most people in Peru are Catholic and cling to traditional stereotypes of men being bread winners and women staying in the home. They are a devoted people, and perhaps their faith and perpetual happiness are attributes other cultures can learn from and emulate.

There are thousands of annual popular festivals in Peru, many celebrating saints, nature, and freedom, and Peruvian festivals often have a mystical side to them. The people of Peru are outstanding with pottery and other artisan crafts, which are highly valued worldwide. Their cuisine is a gastronomic mix of pleasurable aromas and spices, recognized globally, and tourists often plan special tours to taste the deliciousness from each region.

It’s the oldest civilization in South America. It resonates with charm, delightful idiosyncrasies, and those perpetually happy people.

Peru. It’s a pretty place. And Peruvian people are positively fascinating. 

Another Lori Story

Lori Nelson is an author, speaker, educator, and an international “edu-tainer” aboard cruise ships. She occasionally blogs at is the author of the five star rated and best-selling book Torture: Broken Foot, Shattered Soul and the soon to be published Grace Notes: The Gratitude Letter.A dark chocolate connoisseur, Lori lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Find her on Facebook, or email Lori at

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